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Public Meeting - 4th Friday of each month, 6:30pm at the Mixx96 Conference Room,4th and Washington.

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Keep that Water Flowing!

H2Olympia is a grassroots community organization dedicated to ensuring public access to free-flowing Artesian well water in the Olympia area.

Fresh, pure artesian water is a benefit to the community and has been a celebrated highlight of Olympia's history since before the turn of the last century. One can still find free artesian well water at a few locations. Many throughout the community rely on this water as their primary source.

However, the current well site at 4th and Jefferson can be capped at any time at the discretion of the owners of the property. Thus, access to this water is in peril until a permanent solution is established.

We have been working with local officials from the City Council, Thurston County PUD, Departments of Ecology and Health, and municipal offices to establish a permanent solution and enswure that fresh artesian water is freely available for all who wish to enjoy it.

Our goal is first and foremost to establish public ownership of a permanent, publicly accessible free artesian water amenity in downtown Olympia. We are working with the City of Olympia, DOH, DOE, TPUD and the community at large to ensure a solution that will benefit the community.

Once continued access to the water is ensured, our vision is to have more sources opened and established. This can be an enduring legacy and a source of civic pride for future generations.

It's easy to overlook the features and benefits of one's own town, because they may seem ordinary or commonplace. But Olympia's great water is not commonplace, and the loss of our artesian heritage would be a detriment to our community. We want the water to keep flowing. We believe additional well sites should be established to celebrate the goodness and uniqueness of our artesian water. And we want your involvement.

Who we are, and how we got here

For over 17 years, a local group called Friends of the Artesians had worked with our community, the Port of Olympia, Thurston County PUD, and the City of Olympia to to establish a guarantee that artesian water would remain freely available. In January of 2009, visitors to the well at 4th and Jefferson noticed an open letter stating the Friends were disbanding in hopes that the community would respond with another group to take up the cause.

Formed in February 2009 at a public library meeting with community members and interested city council members, we are that group. We began regular meetings wherever we could find a place. Through a process of much discussion and diverse opinions, we evolved a mission statement and began formulating a plan of action:

In February of 2009, we helped broker a deal between City of Olympia, Thurston County PUD (TCPUD), and Diamond Paking Company to allowcontinued access to the well, with the City providing funding for the required testing, and TCPUD performing the actual testing. This commitment was signed by all parties but may be revoked by any party given 14 days' notice.

As a young organization, we are focusing most of our effort around community outreach and developing ways for people to show support for the well and its water. We are also beginning fundraising for simple things on the order of water jugs, printing costs, and the like.

Look around this website to learn about the history, science, and politics underlying the simple brass pipe sticking out of a parking lot. You'll also find information on how to get involved, show your support, or participate in our next event.


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